Saturday, March 24, 2012

Robbery in Germany

Several weeks ago when our Dutch visitor asked if she needed money for the toilet at a gas station in Mississippi, I laughed and said, "Of course not." But today in Germany when my hub and I stopped to tank up our car and empty our tanks, we were robbed! It costed 50 Euro cents for each of us to use the toilet. In US dollar terms that is about $.70 per person!

The second time we stopped for a rest, I found a porto-potty for truck drivers which was free, had TP, and was as clean as most paid toilets. I may be cheap, but I am not stupid.

We made it home in about 6 hours from our vacation spot in eastern Germany. On the trip back I saw at least 5 deer along the Autobahn. Glad they were all on the other side of a fence. And I am glad we didn't have much traffic and only a few idiots driving 140 miles per hour on the far left lane.

The weather is actually sunny and almost warm here in The Netherlands. Let's hope it lasts a few more days!

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