Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hail Beat

Not long ago we discovered Speculoos.

Our son who lives in the US likes Dutch pepernoten. They are available only around Sinterklaas/Christmas time, and we were looking for a substitute to get for him. We discovered spreadable Speculoos by Lotus.

Actually his best bud (American) loves the stuff, but we were still looking for something yummy for our son. Yesterday we found The Original Speculoos Hagel. It is a nieuw product from Lotus, and we will let jr. try it for taste. Americans are used to spreading bread with PB&J, but I don't know that this "hail beat/hagel slag" or sprinkles will make it in the US.

Our son will probably just eat it out of the box, since I don't remember ever seeing him butter bread and then sprinkle on any kind of hagel. He ate chocolate hagel when I made it for him when he was a tot. Maybe he took it to school for lunch, but I don't remember anymore. Maybe he does.

And yes, stroopwafels are also on the way. Taking last requests. Mom, what about you? An email with requests is a good idea.

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