Thursday, March 22, 2012

Finally Internet!

You do not realize how much you depend on an Internet connection until you do not have it. Thank goodness for mobile phones(and remembering to charge it!). And thanks to Tourist Information centers that book your hotel rooms for you. We have used two different ones since we had no Internet.

Tonight we are staying at a remodeled hotel in Stralsund, Germany. Stralsund is on an island in the Ost Sea. Actually that is the Baltic Sea and not the North Sea, like I thought. We drove over to Rugen (also on an island) this afternoon and were amazed at the number of holiday or vacation accommodations for all ages. The beach was beautiful, and it was obvious that many Sr. Citizens were enjoying the warmer spring sunshine. Our gray heads were not unusual on this island.

Tonight we ate at a very modern restaurant located in a very old city square here in Stralsund. After being damaged /destroyed by the Allied Forces in 1944, the city is finally working on repairing and rebuilding the city center. Thank goodness united Germany is working to restore cities like this one.

Tonight I ate fried pork liver, onions, apples, and mashed potatoes, and Hub had a noodle dish with slices of beef. No room for dessert. German meals are always filling.

We will be here another night, so that means I will be able to blog again tomorrow night. We are going near the Polish border tomorrow. Stay tuned. By the way, the street market in Wismar wasn't noisy or very interesting. Maybe shopping here will be better tomorrow.

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