Friday, March 2, 2012

Minnows, Crickets, Worms, and Singing Dog

Sharing our rich cultural American surroundings with our guests has been a "kick."

Today we stopped off at a local store to let our friends see where fishermen buy bait. We woke up the owner and then finally got his attention when I bought a pair of wooden blade covers for hockey skates. Now who owns ice hockey skates around here? And where in the world did the wooden blade covers come from? Whatever! They cost me 3 dollars, so I asked if we could see the crickets.

The old guy struggled out of his chair and took us through a rickety screen door to the crickets and minnows. His stinking cat was guarding the tiny fish, and the crickets were behaving by staying in their box.

Then he told us to wait, and he fetched a box of worms [ from Canada] out of the fridge. My friend wanted to show her gratitude and bought a bag of pretzels and Oreo- type cookies. That paid for a concert from his singing dog. The dog sang a canine melody while the old guy played on his harmonica. Wish you could have heard that noise. Priceless!

After checking out a local Mennonite garden center and an outlet store and buying Dockers pants for my hub for $7.50 a pair, we had the tour through Lowes and Home Depot. Dinner was at a restaurant called The Boiling Point and featured crawfish. I was the only adventurous one to try and successfully consume three pounds of boiled crawfish, a half boiled potato, and a half piece of over boiled corn on the cob. My fingers and nails are in shreds, but I enjoyed every tail.

Hope you enjoyed this tale. Nothing but the truth, so help me!

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Linda said...

Good job, Linda. When do you begin that book you promised?