Saturday, March 17, 2012

Did you wear green today?

Does black, blue, and pink count? My Dutch hub wore the green today on St. Pat's day. Probably not a single drop of Irish blood in his veins, but probably a lot in mine, so I need some good pinching. LOL

We had a great visit with good friends of ours tonight. We tried to eat at a steakhouse in Voorst, but they were booked up until 8:30 pm. So we drove on to Zutphen and ate on the IJssel River. The best thing I ate there was the cheese platter for dessert. There was pinkish/red cheese that was strange looking but yummy. The blue cheese was the best!

We spent the better part of the evening trying to convince our friends that purchasing an IPad is a good idea. Not sure we were too successful, since A is still lucky he has a new typewriter stashed away in his cellar. There is more to that story, but I am ready to call it a day.

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