Monday, March 26, 2012

Window Washing, Walking, and Wasted

Saturday is Open House day for the apartment. Of course I need to vacuum and dust, but today I did something very Dutch. I washed the balcony windows and cleaned up the sitting area on the balcony. Most Dutch ladies use buckets of water and squeegees, but I tried out Glassex and it worked. No soppy mess for me. Now to put a tablecloth on the little table, cushions on the chairs,and plants in the empty pots on Saturday.

After I finished windows, we walked to the bank, to have passport photos made, and back by Action (the Dutch version of Dollar General). Then we drove to get our groceries at Lidl. They have the best Greek yoghurt and Creme Brûlée! Why can't Walmart carry that really good stuff?

We ate Babi Pangang again tonight (and more tomorrow night!) and then crashed in our straight backed chairs with Ikea footstools. I am still not used to sitting like this while watching television.

I am still completely hooked on Pinterest. Even my Master Gardening project is one of my boards called Mastering Gardening. If you are interested in checking out my boards and pins, go to .

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