Wednesday, March 21, 2012

And No Internet in Wismar Hotel

We visited the miniature train wunderland in Hamburg today. It was all and more that you see on US television specials about this detailed train spectacle. I was more facinated with the tiny people than with some of the trains. The creators rarely left out any details. They know America to a "t". What a great way to spend your afternoon watching model trains, cars, trucks, and thousands of tiny, tiny plastic people! Every adult was a child again.

The countryside of old East Germany is lush and magnificent. It is amazing to see the big tractors plowing the massive rolling fields. My hub says that since the big freedom in 1989 it seems that this part of Germany has not divided up into small farms. The fields of winter grass and something else ???? seem to go on forever. Amazing!

When we checked in at our hotel this afternoon, the young lady at the desk informed us that there was no Internet connection in the hotel. She gave us directions to an Internet Cafe (does not exist anymore!), and a guy at a telephone store gave us a second address ( that one was also nonexistent). So here we are trying to get our new router to work ( which it does), but the hotel's Internet is down. BooHoo.

Anyway, we had a great meal tonight. It was stuffed pork rib with raisin and prune stuffing, red cabbage and apples, and potatoes. Hub had fries, and I had boiled potatoes. After eating all that and drinking our huge drinks, we had no room for dessert. Climbing up and down and up and down the stairs to our room, we should be ready for breakfast tomorrow!

We had to park our car at a special parking lot, since tomorrow is market day here on the city square. I am looking forward to seeing that, but am sure we will hear it before we see it. The market stall keepers can be busy setting up their stands at 6 in the morn.

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