Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shopping at Ikea

My hub and I have just about had it sleeping on hard trundle beds in the apartment in Nederland. Today we decided to visit Ikea and purchase a mattress pad, ottomans, and duvet covers. Then we can move to the master bedroom, sleep under a king size duvet, and prop up our feet while watching tv (not necessarily in that order).

After taking a scenic drive passed fields of hundreds of wild geese, we finally arrived in Duiven where there is a huge Ikea. The store is experiencing major, major reconstruction and expansion, so even getting into the area was a challenge. In fact we drove around the area 4 or 5 times until we decided to park in a distant parking lot that offered a "pendel"(transportation) service.

We walked to Ikea expecting a cram packed store. The restaurant was packed with families, but shopping was not so crowded. The shelves in the store were half empty, and we even had to change our footstool choice. Then we noticed that the matching chairs ( if we decide to purchase them) were out of stock. So in that case, that means a visit to a different Ikea store in the future.

After making our other purchases, we walked outside to a small van with an attached trailer. A young man loaded up our shopping cart loaded with our goodies onto the trailer, and we hopped into the van and were delivered to our car in the distant parking lot. Now that was service!

The new and improved Ikea will cover 10 acres and will have a Grand Opening on 12/12/12. And all the while there is major construction, the customers are streaming in. What a business!

With both feet up on my new red and berkenwood footstool, now is time for a piece of vlaai and a cup of tea.

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