Thursday, March 8, 2012

Skipped a Day

Yesterday I was just too tired to write. On the way to the airport, we first sat in a traffic jam and then had to make a long detour in order to get where we wanted to go. Luckily we arrived on time to drop off our Dutch friends and travel on to our stay with our son.

Our Flip is doing just great at our son's house. He was very surprised to see us after two weeks.
He greeted me with a pee on my knee. Then the three of us had a good long walk in the neighborhood. He slept long and peacefully (if you call snoring peaceful) by our bed last night. This morning I was amazed when he saw our son dressed for work and stepped into his dog cage without being told. What a good doggy! He is in good hands, and just hope our son will give him back when we return.

Today we begin our journey, so Memaw's recipes will have to wait. Last year while on vacation in Sicily, I kept a food diary. Think I will do that again this time, but now I will publish it here for all to read. Maybe I will include some recipes along the way.

Today I tried buttermilk on my cereal, but that was not a success. Think I will stick with Greek yoghurt and honey on my granola. I also found a wheat bagel and smeared it with pb. Wonder what United will offer?

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