Tuesday, March 20, 2012

No WiFi at McDonalds!

McDonalds advertizes that they have Free WiFi, but that isn't the complete truth. We found out tonight outside of Hamburg, Germany that we needed a German telephone number in order to get some free WiFi access. Not good when you are trying to check your email or search for a hotel room. Anyway, we will survive. We still have our Dutch mobile phone.

This afternoon after stopping at a couple of fully booked hotels, we checked out a place advertized in "Left and Right along the Autobahn." When our TomTom sent us down a road to seemingly nowhere, we turned around and drove back to the main autobahn. Realizing that maybe the road to nowhere might actually lead to somewhere, we went back there. And, yes, it lead us to our suite at a real farm. Outside you can smell the local pigs, but inside we have all the luxuries of a family suite including a kingsize bed with real down duvets and pillows. There is a foyer, living and dining area with a tv, chairs, and dining table, and a fully equipped kitchen with all appliances except a dishwasher. In fact it is actually bigger and better than some apartments I have seen in the US. I took a couple of photos of our lodging place so that you can see what it is like.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) we are heading to the super model train exposition in Hamburg. I know that at least one niece will be jealous that we saw it before she did. More about the trains after we see them.

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