Sunday, March 18, 2012

Politics, Red Pants, and Laughs

Until one o'clock this morning we chatted with our friends from Rotterdam. A was a witness at our wedding almost 30 years ago! J is his lovely partner who makes the foursome complete. She is the one we think we convinced to get an IPad. A may be a lost cause. (Remember the new typewriter in the cellar? Didn't ask if it was electric or manual. Ha Ha) Anyway we had a great time. Hope that the next time we chat it will be on FaceTime or face to face at our home in the US.

To say that the Dutch are interested in American politics is an understatement. For the last few weeks our Dutch visitors in the US and our friends here in NL have quizzed my hub about what is the deal with the Repubbies and Obama in the US. If Hub or I knew the answer, we could become rich, but I was always told not to discuss politics with friends or family. Actually my dad said to avoid discussing politics, sex, and religion. Wise words, Dad!

As for red pants, last evening over dinner we had a discussion about recognizing different nationalities by their clothing choices. My hub who was a tour guide in Europe when I met him back in 1977, is probably better at identifying nationalities than I. Maybe he has seen more than I, but I must say that I can pick out a "non" American in a split second! Check out the shoes! Wooden ones are dead give aways! (Bad joke, I know.) Fake blue jeans, especially the shiny kind, are also signs of deceit. And then there are red jeans, even if they are Tommy Hilfiger! is a really cool website that both Dutch and Americans should enjoy reading.( Both our visitor in the US and our guest last evening wear red pants.) My own dad wore plaid pants, and back in the day that was the sign of an American of a certain age. Mom, did he have white shoes, too? OMGosh! Better leave this subject fast!

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