Friday, March 30, 2012


Dutch hospitality moves past Southern hospitality.

While here in Europe, my Dutch hub and I have been heartily welcomed by family, neighbors, and his former schoolmates. In the last few weeks we have had delicious coffee and special treats with family, neighbors, and Hub's former high school classmates. Some of those same friends and family have treated us to delicious meals and great conversations. And we still have more visits in our last week here. Thank you to all of you who made us feel so at home! Maybe someday we can welcome you to our home.

But the main thing on our minds is the Open House on Saturday. We still need to vacuum and swish through the bathroom, but we will be ready at 11 on Saturday morning. Today our new bed will be delivered, so we will need to pile that on top of the flattened existing guest bed and make it look "made up." But that should work.

So wish us luck and visitors curious and interested in purchasing the apartment. After two years on the market and only a handful of lookers, we are ready for this apartment to be someone else's home.

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