Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Soil Ain't Dirt!

I learned tonight at my Master Gardeners class that soil is not equal to dirt. Dirt you get on your shoes and track through the house. Soil you plant your seeds in. Now I know it all.

The first two hours of the class were about good and not so good soil and composting. That was good to know. Then I found out that we should have planted our boxwood plants in little hills instead of just in a hole in the ground. The ones that died probably died from root rot. Hard to believe, since last summer was so dry. Guess I overdid it with watering.

Then we took a 5 minute break, and the chemistry lesson on pH began. That was the end of concentration, even though I heard frequently "this will be on the test." Hope that info is in the book, haha. When he said he had a dip of snuff in his mouth, I stopped listening and thought what his wife must think of that. Yuck! Then when the prof went overtime and kept on talking about the elements in the soil, I got up and left. Why should I stay late when he had been 20 minutes late because he stopped somewhere to make some telephone calls?

So that was my night at MG class. Think I will skip a couple. Now off to get some rest.

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