Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bacon (Spek) Drippings

A jar of bacon drippings as a housewarming gift. That is what my dear neighbor gave to her daughter and new son-in-law when they had an Open House party for their families.

The first reaction is "Whaaat?". When the idea sinks in, then it really seems like a thoughtful and useful gift. In some modern households it might take months to accumulate a Ball jar full of that yummy fat. Collecting bacon fat in a jar has saved many a sink drain! If more fat had been saved here in this apartment, then we would not have had to buy Dutch draino today. It takes more than hot water and dishwashing soap to loosen up that fatty mess in the drain!

But tonight for dinner we ate bacon fat and the drippings. I fried up bacon (spek) pieces in a new wok on a new induction cooking element. (If you haven't cooked on an induction stovetop, you haven't cooked. Water boils in 90 seconds, and cleanup is a breeze.) While the spek was getting crisp and golden brown, I opened two jars of capucijners ( brown Dutch peas) and heated them up until they were good and hot. Then I served the capucijners on a plate with the spek and vet (fat) drizzled on top. Quick and super delicious! I ate my peas with a dab of potato salad, and was that ever good? Just Simple Cooking!

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