Friday, October 26, 2012

Dogs Welcome and Free WiFi at McDonalds in Zwolle

Of course, I mean Zwolle, The Netherlands where the McDonalds has a dog eating and drinking station (inside the restaurant!) and the WiFi is FREE!

This afternoon we were out Kringloopwinkel (secondhand goods) shopping when we decided to eat lunch at a new McDonalds in an shopping area outside of Zwolle, The Netherlands. Although the restaurant was brand new, it was very small. Any woman over an American size 18 would have trouble turning around ( or sitting down!) in the restroom toilet stall.

Other than that, it was huge in extras. We ate a really good fresh Tasty hamburger that reminded me of a Burger King Whopper, but it was better with strips of bacon.

Then I checked to see if  WiFi was really free and accessible. It was! 

Then I noticed the dog feeding station near the entrance to the restaurant. What a surprise at an American restaurant (but in a very pet friendly country).

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