Sunday, October 28, 2012

At the Red Horse Inn

Since the winter time began here this morning, we decided to make our evening stop around 5:00 pm (German time) just outside of Nurnberg.

Tonight we are sleeping and eating in Heroldsberg at the Rotes Ross Hotel (alias Red Horse Inn). This establishment was granted hotel/inn permission way back in 1600.  In 1856 it became a member of the Hotel-Gasthof im Familienbesitz. Now the Sorgel family owns and manages the hotel/restaurant.

We have the feeling that there aren't too many people sleeping here this Sunday night. We have the largest room on our floor with a king size bed with real down duvets, a luxurious bath/toilet, desk, couch, chair, coffee table, luggage shelf, clothes closet, television (with CNN), and internet access. What else do you need?

After my hub takes his beauty nap (driving on the German autobahn is not the most pleasant thing in the world), we will try out the restaurant. I just read that a specialty is "Wild." My Dutch father-in-law always loved this time of year so that he could eat venison, pheasant, etc. Bet my youngest brother would like that, too. I'll just have to see what else is on the menu before I go "Wild." 

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