Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No Cuckoo Clocks in the Black Forest

While driving through powdered sugar coated monster Christmas trees in the Black Forest of Germany today, we actually thought we would see a shop that sells cuckoo clocks. Maybe those types of souvenirs are really extinct.  (We tried to find shops that sold cameos two years ago in Italy. They do not exist anymore either.)

Our morning drive in the sun was enjoyable, but then the temperature warmed up and the skies became gray around 3:00 pm. Then the rain drizzle started, and the fun was over. We did take a quick walk through the center of Strasbourg and saw the beautiful stone carved cathedral. And the underground parking garage was even an experience for me.

Tonight we are staying in Hotel Saarblick in Mettlach, Germany. This was my idea, since I remembered that we had visited a Villeroy and Boch outlet store here many, many years ago. Now there is an even larger store, plus other outlets. I even saw a Birkenstock shoe outlet that I plan to hit tomorrow after breakfast. So we have plans for tomorrow morning, but then we are heading back to The Netherlands.

There are plenty of touristy things we haven't done there in over 20 years!

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