Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What a Circus!

We still have 12 hours before the movers come, and my hub is already running up and down the halls.

He tried to reserve a place for the container truck to park tomorrow early, and no one is cooperating. He put out three brand new moving boxes containing bricks to mark the extra parking place for the moving company. First a box just disappeared! Then he went back later to check and caught a man emptying out the second packing box and loading it into his car. My hub shouted for the man to drop it and was told they thought it was trash. A new packing box costs 5 Euros, and stopping to collect one is a good deal. That is unless my hub sees you stealing his box!

Hub finally just gave up and placed the last two boxes into our rental car. Before he goes to bed tonight late he will set out the boxes one more time. Then we will see if the packing guys can park near our apartment.

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