Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat in Wintery Europe

Although our Fall vacation did not turn out as planned, we enjoyed our four day loop through Germany.

I am sure there are many folks where we live in the US who would have loved what we did the last four days.

The snowy Black Forest was something that you only dream about in the warm southern states. And the beautiful cathedral in Strasbourg, France was more beautiful than a decorated wedding cake.

The bakery fresh hard and soft bread rolls and delicious cheeses and ham for breakfasts are difficult to find where we live in America.

Fields freshly ploughed and waiting for cold weather and then an early spring decorated our views as we drove along the lazy country roads. And the cows were still grazing in the grass fields enjoying the last rays of sun and warmth before a gray, cold winter in the barn stalls.

And today before making the last scarey drive back on the German and Dutch autobahns, we visited the Birkenstock outlet store and the Villeroy and Boch outlet store to buy a few souvenirs. 

The weather in Europe may have tricked us and no snow tires changed our vacation plans, but we came home with the treats.

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