Thursday, October 25, 2012

Carpet Cleaning

Since most of  the furniture is out of the apartment and on its way to a new home, we decided to try to clean this old carpet floor before we rip it out. Early this morn my hub went out to get the machine and cleaning fluid, and I attacked the spider webs. Luckily we have saved most of the cleaning supplies in the pantry/ storage room. Until we sell this thing, we still need to keep it presentable  for potential buyers and livable for our visits.

I found a really long cleaning rod with a very dirty cloth attached to the head. After I took off the cloth, I added a clean towel and attached it with rubber bands. Then I attacked the web collections on the 13 foot ceilings. I can still see a few that I missed, but the majority are gone or attached to the cleaning cloth.

Then I vacuumed the whole apartment and tried to stay ahead of the hub who was busy with cleaning solution and vacuum wand. We were busy from 11-3, and now know for sure that we are going to replace this azure blue carpet with a hardwood floor sometime in the future.

Now to return this apparatus to the Dutch version of Home Depot and to get on with our vacation.

Cleaning houses, bah! Not fun on any continent!

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