Saturday, October 13, 2012

Eleven Parties for President

Who says there isn't a choice in this Presidential Race?

Eleven political parties! It is almost like trying to find a good box of cereal on the cereal aisle at the supermarket. Be sure to read the ingredients on the side of the box. (Allergy watchers, there may be nuts used in the production of some products.)

Seriously, here is the list of choices from the bottom of the ballot up, Socialism and Liberation Party (Lindsay/Osorio); Republican Party (Romney/Ryan); We The People Party (Tittle/Turner); Prohibition Party (Fellure/Davis); Libertarian Party (Johnson/Gray); Socialist Workers Party (Harris/Kennedy); Justice Party (Anderson/Rodriguez); Green Party (Stein/Honkala); Socialist Equality Party (White/Scherrer); Constitution Party (Goode/Clymer);and Democratic Party (Obama/Biden).

My absentee ballot said  TURN BALLOT OVER. VOTE BOTH SIDES OF BALLOT. If you do not  read through these proposed amendments before going to vote, you will be in the voting booth a long while.


At the bottom of the 2nd page of my absentee ballot in small letters it says see page 3. Glad I saw that and looked for page 3!

Whew! Got through that one!

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Linda said...

This blog post triggers political ads. Should have thought of that.