Monday, October 29, 2012

Changed Directions

Rules, regulations, and SNOW for Halloween! Instead of heading to Croatia, we are driving across Germany. Our nephew warned us that we probably needed winter/snow tires on our rental car after November 1 in Austria. Rental company did not!!!!! So no risk taking this trip, and we are changing plans.

Today we drove in and out of snowy, winter landscapes that are not common at this time of year. The roads were reasonably clean, but the highway department around Stuttgart was busy cutting down many snow-laden fallen trees.

We especially drove to Stuttgart to visit the Mercedes Museum, and of course Monday is "rest" day for most museums in Europe. We should have known that!!! (and No, Son, we are not going back tomorrow.)

Now to sleep in Hotel Krone in Wildberg tonight and travel across to Strasbourg tomorrow. Just winging it from now on!

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