Monday, October 8, 2012

Get Set! Let's Grow!

After clearing out the Bermuda grass, I finally got my Fall garden planted in the raised beds this afternoon. I had postponed planting, since I want good lettuce and spinach for Thanksgiving and then Christmas.

Now the nights cool off, so with warm days the growing time will slow down and maybe the little plants will not need so much water.

I started off by planting five elephant garlic cloves. They came from a garlic bulb from the grocery store, but with luck they should work (or rather grow). Then I divided up a regular grocery store garlic bulb and planted eleven cloves. In the same veggie bed I kept to the alliums and planted onion sets. Lots of them! This summer we ate onions that had started from castoffs in our compost heap, so these purchased sets should do just fine.

Next I planted nine Brussels sprouts plants at the end of the basil and eggplant bed. I haven't had much luck with sprouts, but the plants always go wild in our delicious composted bed. The bugs got to the plants last fall, and we never ate our own sprouts. A kind friend at our senior citizen group sent us a nice bag of B. sprouts, when she heard we could not grow them. Wish me luck this time around.

After the sprouts, I sowed the tiny spinach, radish , lettuces, and arugula seeds in neat rows. And finally I filled in the small spaces by broadcasting most of the rest of my greens seeds. As the dusty soil needed a good drink, I made sure to water everything in the beds. After doing that everyday this coming week, I should have lots of little salads growing in my garden.

By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, we should be able to "shop" in our own backyard.

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