Sunday, October 21, 2012

Screaming Chinese Takeaway

At least once while we are in The Netherlands, we pick up Chinese takeaway food from our favorite Chinese takeaway. This evening we decided to walk there instead of going to the trouble of taking the rental car out of the garage and the gated apartment building. 

Within 15 minutes we entered the small Chinese takeaway and ordered our dinner of Babi Pangang (sweet and sour pork), flavored noodles, and kroepoek (shrimp chips). The Chinese lady who runs the business is very friendly, but very loud. It sounds a bit like she shouts at all of the customers. 

Tonight was like any other time we have been there. She shouted a greeting, took our order, and shouted the amount of money that we owed her. In less than 10 minutes she returned with our order and shouted for us to come pick it up. 

One customer sitting near us waiting for his order could not contain his laughter. We were not the only ones to be enjoying the screaming Chinese lady! And when we got back to the apartment, the food was outstanding, too. We had so much food, that I don't have to cook tomorrow night either. What better vacation than that?

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