Saturday, October 27, 2012

Time to Vacation

For the last six months we have sweated and worked hard inside and outside of our homes, so now is finally the time to go on vacation.

Bet you think that is strange to hear in late October, but tomorrow we are off to Croatia. Now you know we must be crazy, right? Who goes to Croatia on vacation? Lots of people, but most go during the summer. We had some things to do here first, so that means our vacation is a little later than what you would expect. Or maybe it is a little earlier than what you would expect. I guess it is how you look at it.

The temps in Croatia should be pleasant, but we have to drive through the cold weather first to get there. There was snow in Munich last night! Tonight here the temperature is already freezing. So our suitcase is full of warm clothes and plenty of socks.

No more bare feet and short pants!

That was last Monday ;)))

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Virginia Chapman said...

We had to put on socks this morning. May get a little frost tonight. Have a good trip.MOM