Saturday, October 6, 2012

Polenta from the Oven

Our adult son has been vacationing with us this week. It is good to know that he still sees our home as a place to hang out and just relax.

He has always loved books and reading, and this week he read. Lots! He even downloaded his first book on the Kindle app and read it on his iPhone. Glad he still has good eyes for that. I tried it two summers ago when he gave me his gently used iPhone, and I strained these old peepers. But I must say that the font size is similar to what I see now as I type this blog post on my iPad. So I must be careful.

Yesterday evening our son's close friend A came here for the weekend. A could not wait to help my hub with bush hogging our front triangle this afternoon. From what I can see, he did a good job. I think he was disappointed that he couldn't dig any holes with the front shovel. Boys never get too old to dig in the dirt, ha ha.

As I am not much of a cook, I tried to find something to cook that I could not mess up. Now how simple could this be? Tonight we had Jillee's nephew's Championship Chili ( and Sara Moulton's oven polenta ( . My guys liked the chili and chips, and A and I liked the polenta topped with chili and cheese. And the weather was pleasant enough to enjoy our evening meal on the back porch table.

All is well here this evening.

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