Thursday, October 11, 2012

Winter Ready Agaves

Every year in October I wonder when we can stop cutting the grass and weedeating. My mom reminded us a few years ago that October can have 90 degree F temps up through Halloween (Oct. 31). So since we still have warm temps, we still have to mow. :(

This noon we put all of the potted agaves ( big and small) in sheltered areas. As they need light and ventilation, but not much water, under the house eaves should be perfect. That is until we get really hard frost and freezing in late December and January. Then we will bring out the blankets to protect them. And you thought we only spoiled our beagle!

The potted plants on the front porch will still need daily watering during our sunny, warm October. But some of those plants will also move to the back porch around Thanksgiving and then struggle to keep alive until Spring. Such is the life of all of our "babies."

In the meantime, we are still sweatin' while working in the yard and garden.;~[

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